The Bilaia

The company “Bilaia” is located in Lavagna (GE) with a view to the promontory of Portofino, and the three valleys of the hinterland. Work in respect for the environment and biodiversity and is located between olive groves, chestnut and fruit crops and vegetables. E ‘at 800 m from the exit autostrale of Lavagna and a short walk from the beach, where the beaches for balnezione are the main attraction.
The restaurant is one of the flagships of Bilaia. The peculiarity of the dishes that respect the traditions, the environment and the beautiful veranda will make you enjoy an unforgettable moment. You will also find dishes with a tropical flair due to experiences in South America of Paul, a doctor of Gastronomic Sciences.
Guests who wish to stay in Tigullio, you will find fully furnished with separate entrance. Video area monitored (for personal safety), with a private garden in the green so stay in contact with the environment for those who wish to spend a night or more in the tranquility among olive trees.
The Bilaia produces fresh products such as fruit and vegetables, other processed as jam, marmaladeoil and extra virgin olive oil PDORiviera Ligure di Levante, oil products. You will also find native vegetables certified “Ancient vegetables Tigullio” brand otorgato by the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa. Breeding small animals such asroosters, chickens and rabbits.
Nearby there are cities famous as Chiavari, Sestri Levante Rapallo, Santa Margherita, Portofino on the one hand and on the other Deiva Marina, Levanto, Cinque Terre. The place is lovely and the atmosphere is pure, due to the continuous breeze coming from the sea and the Apennines (hence named the company) and the unique microclimate due in part from the river Entella (named by Dante in the nineteenth song Purgatory “Intra Siestri and Chiaveri descends A river beautiful”).
We are waiting for you.

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