The Passanos are a family of restaurateurs since 1996, with 3 restaurants in Ecuador run by dad Luigi and mom Angela and one AgriRestaurant in Lavagna (Genoa) run by son Paolo, who has studied at the Slow Food University in Pollenzo (Piedmont region) and decided to remain in Italy to make the best of his studies and fulfill his own dream.
Luigi, born in Ecuador of an Italian family, and Angela, met and married in Italy, they chose to work in the gastronomic field since the 80’s starting with a bakery in Guayaquil (Ecuador). In 1992 they opened their first Ristorante Riviera., situated in a two-story house in Guayaquil, and in 2002 they opened “Da Luigi” restaurant. In 2015, they opened the third and last restaurant called Riviera, in the city of Samborondon.
Paolo, attended the Slow Food University for 5 years, in Pollenzo (Piedmont region) and obtained two degrees. He gained culinary experience in the Piedmont region and at his parent’s restaurant in Ecuador until 2013 when he opened the AgriRestaurant “La Bilaia”, which he still manages today.
After finishing his studies, Paolo decided to stay in Italy to deepen his knowledge and fulfill his dream, he started by managing the family’s farm which in the beginning only produced Premium Quality Extra Virgin Olive oil.
Paolo’s involvement in the farm, injected a breath of youth, increasing and diversifying the production by growing vegetables, fruits and breeding small animals. All this to fulfill his dream of producing and processing optimal raw material to offer his friends and clients.
During his 5 years of studies (3 in Bachelor’s and 2 in Master’s) he interned at the best Piedmont’s restaurants, learning techniques, flavors and acquiring the practice he could not have in the University.
Thus, by gathering an excellent raw material production, the practice in the restaurant business and specially his 5 years studies, he opened the AgriRestaurant which had an immediate success. The conditions, location and charm were in place, only Paolo was missing to make it more famous.
During vacations, he worked in the family restaurants in Ecuador, and now he is a valuable collaborator of the Riviera restaurants, owned by his parents.


Lo Chef

Paolo Passano was born in Genoa on November 18 1987, he is the chef of AgriRestaurant “La Bilaia”. He has a Gastronomic Science doctorate from the Slow Food University in Pollenzo (Piedmont region).

prima di Copertina memorie

Memorie di Futuro

The book written by Paul Passano, Doctor of Gastronomic Sciences and Owner / Chef of Bilaia …

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