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But who writes a story, writes for the future rather than the present, the generations move rapidly and what is now current, pass by quickly, and soon it ultimately becomes memories”. 1879, Giuseppe Ravenna

The book titled Memorie di Futuro – The agrifood traditions of yesterday, today and tomorrow” has been written to keep alive memories of farmers from this area, and to promote the land and local products. The introduction was written by Piercarlo Grimaldi, Rector of the Gastronomic Sciences Studies of the University in Pollenzo (Piedmont region).

The author’s historical/anthropological research, describes the city of Lavagna’s last two centuries, divided in three zones: Long Entella (Entella’s river shore), Cavi (a seashore town)and Entroterra ( Cavi’s outback) each chapter describes the life of the farmer’s community and their relationship with food, the land and the environment. The next to last chapter discusses pagan and religious festivities, it shows a research about the city’s ethno and biodiversity. The book ends with a sustainable development project for Lavagna.

To conclude the Introduction, I would like to demonstrate through this study that with food fundamentals we can also study the fundamentals of life, that food science and history can become the history of a territory: since it is true that eating is an agricultural act, but it is equally true that cultivating is a gastronomic act. Keeping the memory of tradition, it is possible to project a community towards the future, because and like Euripides said: “Who loses the past is dead to the future”. For this reason, the title of my book is “Memorie di futuro”. Introduction to the book “Memorie di Futuro”

The book can be purchased at a bookstore in Lavagna and Chiavari, by contacting Gammaro Publishers of Sestri Levante, or at la Bilaia. It was launched on April 4, 2014 at G.B. Campodonico Auditorium in Lavagna.

Presentation of the book " Memories of the Future " by Paolo Passano - 04/04/2014 at the Auditorium G.B. Campodonico di Lavagna .

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